...well    all that has been happening for me!

Unhappy me at over 300 pounds
before I invented the
Whirling Bliss Machine!

“I grew up in a crowded one bathroom home.


"When I was working I could never use a public bathroom, so I was lucky to use the bathroom every two weeks. No one ever knew.


"Since using the Bliss, I use the bathroom every day.”

 - 'Mary Monroe' (pseudonym) 

I cleaned toilets for WalMart as part of my job. I hated it!

By the fourth day of using the Whirling Bliss Machine, I was singing Christmas carols as I cleaned the toilets.

Three months later, the songs changed, but I was still singing. 

I almost hesitated making the true claim that I have dropped 70 pounds without exercising or dieting because it sounds too good to be true. 

But scientists have known about  this secret for a long time. They just didn't know how to apply their discovery in real  life. What do they know? That oxygen - if it's provided in a huge enough quantity - turns fat into water and air!!

But there was no practical way to provide yourself with enough oxygen other than to run about 10 miles a day. Since I had a broken back, running wasn't in the cards for me. I had a hard enough time walking more than 50 to 100 yards.

I could still eat, though! lol  Eating was not the problem. Stopping was. lol!

Can you relate to any of this?

But adding ugly fat around my waist wasn't my only problem. I wasn't too happy either as you can see from the "before" picture on one of my more 'cheerful' days. haha

Today, I just flick my
Whirling Bliss Machine with my finger for ten or twenty seconds at a time. It does the work for me.

So how does the Machine work exactly?

There are two powerful aspects about the Whirling Bliss Machine.  The Machine is sort of a cross between the looks of a Cartier Watch and a Star Trek invention. 

First, do you see the white part? It's made from a special type of material the has a property that generates negative ions. I call them Bliss Particles because the only thing 'negative' about them is their scientific name.

Drs. Krueger and Smith performed a series of experiments at the University of California using both so-called positive and negative ions. Their discoveries were extraordinary although they have been much forgotten about in recent years. 

What the two researchers discovered is that while positive ions intefere with the function of our cilia in our bodies, negative ions, a.k.a. Bliss Particles, improve their performance tremendously.


But then those studies on cilia were ignored until maybe the last 10 years, simply because so little was understood about them - plus cilia are so tiny and move so fast, it's difficult to observe them.

New research now indicates that those extremely tiny cilia carry out profound functions in many parts of our bodies, including in our brains, eyes, sinuses, ears, pancreas, kidneys and ovaries.

To oversimplify, when our cilia aren't working, amyloid plaque shows up. That's not good.

But when the ambient air brushes up against the Whirling Bliss Machine's special ceramic ring, that air is transformed into the same blissful oxygen that you'd get at the beach or from a waterfall. Only the Whirling Bliss Machine is moving, creating air turbulence. That turbulence triggers a huge amount of those Bliss Particles to come flying off. 

How many? Well, enough to make me feel like grinning ear to ear. Plus, I'm smaller now. :-) I'm walking better than I have in at least ten years and maybe 25 years.


There is an even newer version than what you see me holding in the top photo which brings us to yet another extraordinarily powerful benefit of the Whirling Bliss Machine


Is there a Design that Makes Miracles?

It's not really a miracle. It's science based on the electrical properties of metal.


The outside ring of the latest Machine has a brass pyramidal shaped grid design with about 750 points to it. When the Machine is whirling, it's akin to an alternator like you might find in your car. So there are a countless number of frequencies produced. Just one cycle of the frequency travels nine feet. 

It would take forever to explain all that those frequencies can do,but have you ever seen those copper bracelets so many people wear? Everytime I would ask someone about them, their answer was the same, "It might allbe in my mind, but my joints feel better when I wear it."

Keep in mind that their bracelets are stationary with no rotations. What those people most likely didn't realize is that the bracelets were a spin off creation inspired by one of Georges Lakhovsky's inventions.

Lakhovsky, Lakhovsky, Lakhovsky! LOL!

Most likely, you've never heard his name before. So I'll use it three times in the next three paragraphs. Why? Well, you might have seen those copper bracelets. people wear to chase away their arthritis pain. They'll tell you, "I don't know if it's just in my head, but the pain goes away.

Those bracelets were inspired by you know who.


Lakhovsky worked with Nikola Tesla, who invented alternating current over 130 years ago. Tesla worked with Lakhovsky to help him with his Multi Wave Oscillator invention. 

Lakhovsky then wrote in his book The Secret of Life that movement of the metal would increase its power. The Whirling Bliss Machines'  copper content moves!

Lakhovsky also noted that the addition of an insulator (such as what the white ceramic ring is) would also increase the power even more. It just so happens that the type of ceramic used is the most potent of all the many kinds of ceramic that are made. Faux "zirconium diamonds" are made with the same material

You might be asking, "What can the Whirling Bliss Machine do for me?"

We are still finding out how many ways Whirling Bliss helps people like yourself. Lorie might be a good example. 

Lorie cleaned toilets for Walmart. Not surprisingly, she hated it. Then she got herself a 'generation two,' weaker version of the Machine.

By the fourth day of using her new Machine, Lorie was singing Christmas carols while she cleaned the commodes! She wrote to me three months later to let me know she changed the songs, but she  was still singing. 

You might enjoy orevenbe stunned by the video of Brandon just below. He's 23 and has severe Autism. You might want to watch the two minute video twice to really hone in on his eyes between the 30 second and 45 second marks. Notice how relaxed Brandon becomes.

 - Lorie Falls, Jefferson, TX



Ok, Got my Bliss machine today. Have been battling pneumonia for two months. It seems to want to hang on. So after a small walk I was really tired. Thought I would sit and try the bliss and nap as I have been doing the past two months. Very weak. I have NEVER been a napper. Anyway, I used it about 15 minutes and got into my chair to spend a couple of hours napping. I did not go to sleep. I got back up and went for another walk....Having copd makes it difficult to walk up hill, but I found it easier. I actually took another walk tonight when hubby got home and I feel pretty good right now. I notice my leg pain (m.s.) seems to have diminished. So far, liking it.


- Karen Bitterman

“The Bliss Machines are WONDERFUL…Today it just made me laugh!!! Laugh, laugh, laugh!”

 - Doug McGill,
   Sydney, OH

This is an example of one of the "Hall of Fame Coincidences" that have occurred while using the Machine.

We look forward to hearing about your coincidences that occur while you are using your 
Whirling Bliss Machine


How much?

You might imagine that a Machine that offers so much could cost thousands of dollars. I've seen products in this category that cost $25,000!!

The great news is that the Whirling Bliss Machine doesn't even cost hundreds of dollars! You'll be shocked at the prices.  

My goal isn't to soak you...it's to raise the world's bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000%. When we achieve it, we'll set a new goal for you of 2,000%. 


It's simple to order your Whirling Bliss Machine. Just use the order button and let me know how many you want shipped to you.

  • Do you want to convert your unwanted pounds into water?

  • Do you want to experience Hall of Fame Coincidences?

  • Do you want to 'sing' regardless of apparent circumstances?

Plenty fat, but not too healthy


My name is Kelley Eidem. When I was a year old, I was severely beaten by a nanny who left me with a broken clavicle and a smashed piece of my L-5 lumbar.

The trauma left me with unconscious feelings of rage and mistrust because the nanny used to nurse me! How could I trust anyone else when I never knew if they would hurt me? That was the decision I made as a one-year-old child. I've since decided to cancel that decision and replaced it with one that is serving me better.

So it is brings me great pleasure to offer you this invention of mine that has replaced my negative feelings with great bliss. I've written a book, in fact, since the creation of the invention entitled
Nope, pain...Only Gain: How to Become a Thrillionaire. I believe the combination of my invention and the technique described in my book can help any person create a new, blissful life. 


Our vision is to raise the world's bliss by 25% by increasing yours 1,000%. When we achieve it, we'll set a new goal for you of 2,000%. 

It would appear that arguing and telling each other what to do doesn't always bring the results we desire. 

With that in mind,could we simply ask ourselves a question whenever something - anything - bothers us? This is the one I use: "Why do Ilove discovering what's between me and loving kindness?"


My  book, How to Become A Thrillionaire explains how it's possible to make the impact of the question a thousand, trillion, trillion trillion times stronger not as hype but based on physical law.

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