A novel way to protect your home from Tornadoes and Hurricanes

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

If you've been following the national weather lately, you've heard about the weeklong tornadoes and

140-year record flooding that is taking place in various parts of the country. Maybe you've been touched by these events as well.

At one point there was a land 'hurricane' that swirled over the better part of two midwestern states with winds of 70 to 80 miles an hour. The tornadoes showed up in a variety of places, too, including New England, Maryland, New Orleans, and Miami. There have been far more tornadoes than average this year, according to NOAA. I'm not surprised at all by the increased number of severe weather events, but more about that later because you want to know how to protect yourself and your family. Two quick stories illustrate how what is being recommended here is extremely effective. As shocking as it might sound, you'll be able to lower the power of the storms around your house and vehicle. At least that is what me and a friend did during Hurricane Michael.

My apartment is filled with Bliss Diskers. There are five on a ceiling fan and three on a standing fan, plus hundreds more Diskers in the apartment. You won't need that many, as you'll discover below. Back to the story...no one where I live out of 52 units was evicted, and no trees snapped or were felled within 50 yards of here despite the city getting hit with a Category 5 hurricane.

North, south and east and west of my place suffered catastrophic damage. Apartments with identical metal roofs suffered 100% eviction rates even though I live closer to the water, and there is no barrier peninsula here. The others have a finger of land to slow down hurricanes a bit. Here is a passionate video that shows how my neighborhood fared from Hurricane Michael

Story #2: My friend Darce has Himalayan salt lamps in every room of her house save for one room. salt lampos make negative ions.

The room without a salt lamp was the only room that sprung a leak. Her Crystal Cottage behind her house fared similarly. The room that was filled with dozens or hundreds of crystals and the narrow bathroom next to it were untouched. The other four rooms were destroyed by the hurricane.

So why did the hurricane seem to know where the ions were being produced? How did Darce and me slow down the hurricane? The answer is actually simple. Hurricanes and tornadoes are configured like an "ion sandwich" with the bottom layer consisting of positive ions. the middle part of the sandwich is made up of negative ions and covered with another layer of positive ions. This creates an electromagnetic field.

If you can "pull the thread" on a tornado by lowering its ion content, you can weaken it!

When it comes to tornadoes and hurricanes, their structure determines their function. If you can alter the structure of the storm, you can reduce its power - it's that simple. The only thing we know of that can alter either a hurricane or a tornado is ions!

Thank goodness making the right kind of ions is basically a passive activity.

You can either tape or glue one Bliss Disker onto each blade of a couple fans and plant them outside. This way the fans can turn without electricity from the wind. As the wind picks up, the blades will turn faster thereby generating even more negative ions (Bliss Particles!) The hurricane or tornado backs off some in this way.

One of the advantages of the diskers is that they require no maintenance, unlike salt lamps. Nor do you have to worry about the rain melting them. Crystals don't appear to be as powerful as the Diskers. For example there is a 70 foot tree nearby my place. It didn't lose a twig, let along a limb whereas Darce's crsytals did little or nothing to save the rest of her cottage. Now shall we get back to how this year's crazy, crazy weather has been fully expected by little ol' accentric me? It has to do with the ion sandwiches. The 4G, and now 5G, cell towers are combining to produce a tremendous amount of positive ions and electromagnetic fields. Those ions and fields are being added to the air creating a lot of flux. Boom... the next thing you know, you've got yourself a heavy downpour and lightning that might turn into a tornado. As mentioned before, I saw a weather radar video that showed the strangest thing. There was a "land hurricane" that was covering the better part of two states in the midwest. If I remember correctly, it was up around Nebraska, far from any ocean water.

This storm and many of the others appear to be conceived on land rather than coming from any ocean. Before 4G and 5G, there needed to be an ocean to produce enough ions to produce a hurricane. But with 5G in particular, the oceans are getting a big boost.

At least, these are my observations. It would be easy to say it's just one guy's opinion, but then we'd

have to add that it's one guy's opinion who happened to stare down Hurricane Michael by providing the very ions that impact hurricane structure. Benjamin Franklin was just one guy who flew a kite to prove lightning is attracted to metal. His single act saved a lot of homes with the invention of the lightning rod.

You can order as few as five Double Bliss Diskers. Ordering more gets you a lower price for each additional five ordered, plus the shipping fee remains the same for larger orders.

You can visit the product page here. Or click the image.

Double Bliss Diskers have a small hole in the dark blue area above the star that can be used to wear one or more Diskers as pendants. These Douyble Bliss Diskers are rated at 15,000 Bliss Particles per second (negative ions) making them the strongest on the market. A test with an ion meter produced a reading of over 19,000 ions per cubic centimeter. There are over 25 square centimeters on each side of the Diskers! That's over 50 square cm total!

If you make a wind chime, you could have several hundred square cms. flapping in the wind with each one producing 750,000 ions per second while they are stationary. The movement would greatly increase the amount of ions produced.

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