How to Survive 5G DIARRHEA

In the past I've shared with you that when it comes to 5G there is no hope other than stopping it. I said 5G just too strong...but there is a way to survive 5G (and 4G which is also weakening you every moment even if the symptoms are not apparent as yet.)

You can delay the effects of 5G and pretty much stop the harms of 4G by loading up with Whirling Bliss Machines and Double Bliss Diskers. This will buy you time until 5G gets shut down completely from its own harmful effects which are dramatic and fast.

Last night might be a great example. The big honkin' metal rod in my back is an antenna that makes me a coal mine canary for the rest of you when it comes to 5G. Verizon is preparing to turn 5G on here including testing before the official rollout.

It's the same with ATT and T-Mobile. I'm so sensitive that recharging a cell phone near me gives me icy feeling shins and ankles, so anything these companies might be doing can affect me quite a bit.

Last night I left a lot of my protection in the living room instead of taking some of it into my bedroom. Before the night was over, the list of places where it hurt quite a bit went from my neck down to my toes. There was also mental fogginess when I got up. I whirled a Machine for 10 seconds and the fog lifted a good bit.

And when I walked into the living room where there are two turntables running with Whirling Bliss Machines on them, all the pains went down to background levels in under a minute.

If you protect yourself, you and your family will survive until 5G's horrendous effects start turning government officials into housebound invalids with beds to clean. They will act immediately to shut it down, and the news will spread almost as quickly as officials talk to other officials in different locales.

To take advantage of this window of survival, you'll need to have your protection working for you.

It's the only way to get through this. 5G reminds me of what it might have been like to have been in Europe during WWII. Bombs were dropping in a lot of places. In those cases, the people couldn't do much if anything to alter their fate. But in today's situation, all the heavy electronic bombardment can be avoided or diminished.

Plus, once the 5G telecom industry is dead and shut down, you'll have a good supply of Bliss hardware to protect you from 4G and to transform your life into one of bliss and creativity.

Start ordering and keep ordering each week if that is what it takes. Don't wait until a crisis is on you. Start now, gradually increasing your protection, so when the day comes, your family is safe.

Meanwhile, you'll be benefiting from massive amounts of Bliss Particles that'll save you money AND possibly increase your income as a result! Because Whirling Bliss Machines and Diskers are an investment in you - not an expense.

It might be hard to picture since you can't see it, but there is no more evil physical force heading your way at this time than 5G. It's as real as an armed mob coming to your home. Would it be any safer if they were dressed in black on a cloudy moonless night?

5G is like that dark moonless night, and it is armed to the teeth.

What are you going to do? There is a link provided below for your convenience,

Find out more about Whirling Bliss Machines and the Double Bliss Diskers here

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