Are hurricanes, tornadoes and flooding being fed by 5G?

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

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Severe weather like hurricanes and tornadoes are comprised of electromagnetic fields (EMFs). It's

those EMFs that give them their destructive power in fact. When those weather patterns are finished with their destruction, the EMFs vanish into thin air nowhere to be seen. In the past, there would be a break between severe weather events as the skies reloaded their energy fields.

This year has been much different. Why has there been so much electromagnetic weather practically nonstop lately? The EMF factor is critical because it just so happens that in the last couple of months there has been a lot of crazy, destructive weather.

Meanwhile, telecom's latest cell tower products called 5G produce many trillions of waves that are also electromagnetic fields. Those EMF's go into the air. What does the air do with them? Are 5G's EMFs magically erased when they come into contact with clouds?

To ask another way, "Have the laws of electromagnetism been suspended since 5G has been introduced?" Because unless those laws have been suspended, physical law requires that they interact with our air and our clouds.

How much more severe weather can we tolerate? Shouldn't 5G be proven safe before we find out too late?

We need a moratorium on 5G until this question is answered. The industry says 5G will become a $17 trillion dollar industry worldwide.

The US economy is $19 trillion. If we have no food, how much will the economy drop? Then there is the "F" word, FAMINE.

Will casualty insurance companies go bankrupt while policyholders face ruin?

Both insurers and the insured are at risk

Those are the stakes: do you want food or faster downloads? Please share this video as much and as often as you can until we get until we get the answers we need.

William "Kelley" Eidem, author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer, How To Become A Thrillionaire and the Inventor of the Whirling Bliss Machine.

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