No one believes my "Cloud Tapper" turns violent clouds into a wisp-until they do it themselves!

Nothing prepared me for my most recent invention called the Cloud Tapper even though I am the author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer and the inventor of the Whirling Bliss Machine that has allowed me to shed 70 pounds without dieting or exercising (see photos below.)

A cumulus or cumulonimbus cloud: beauty turns violent

Have you noticed how our skies are being bombarded by onslaughts of 1,000-foot high clouds that can turn into nasty downpours and flooding? The widespread flooding we have seen is due to those formations. The violent weather has killed unsuspecting victims and destroyed homes, farms and businesses. The entire nation is at risk. Actually the whole world is at risk because these violent weather patterns are being caused by the ions and the electromagnetics from 5G, a worldwide industry.

This weather catastrophe is not a future risk - it is a worsening presence.

My promise that the Cloud Tapper can tame monster clouds is such a wild claim that you're invited to come visit & see for yourself RIGHT NOW. If I knew how to make a video of the Tapper at work, who would believe it? You need to see the tool in action for yourself. There is no shortage of clouds to tap - they are everywhere all the time, so any day is a great day to come.

When ex[posed to the Cloud Tapper, cumulus Clouds will immediately look like their edges are being eaten away. Then the clouds either start to rip, get punctured, turn gray, or into white wisps. That can take a minute or 10 minutes depending on the size of the cloud and how thick it is. The action appears to keep altering the clouds for several more minutes. While cloud tapping might sound preposterous, the principle behind its operation is solidly based on physical science. Clouds are made when ions react with electromagnetic waves. Today with 5G cell towers there has been an explosion of those ions and waves resulting in a huge increase in non-ending potentially dangerous clouds. But when those clouds are exposed to a special kind of waves, the dangerous clouds become shadows of themselves.

With too many violent storms are far too much rain already the US and the world is already on its way to food shortages. Soon there will be increased famines followed by starvation in places where food abundance isn't normally an issue.

The last supper?

Locally, meteorologists keep predicting T-Storms. They have done this for 10 days and predict them every day for the next 15 days. I keep "Tapping" and the immediate day's weather prediction usually gets changed to partly cloudy. The result has been a couple of mild rains and a few lightning strikes.

I'm not a businessman. I want investors. To participate, you'll need to have funds & a team. The world awaits you. Please hurry because food growing seasons wait for no man. Even a week or two weeks' delay could be too late.

Let's talk now.

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