Proof your head is an EMF AMPLIFIER!!

In this shocking video you'll discover that a Wifi remote car lock goes twice as far when you point the device under your chin into your head (skip to the 25 second mark to save time.)

This video reveals how your head can double the reach of your WiFi remote key FROM A HUNDRED FEET TO 200 FEET BECAUSE IT TURNS OUT THAT YOUR HEAD IS AN ANTENNA!! The demo tells us our brain area is an AMPLIFIER of EMFs!! This video turns the validity of any test using a dummy into a meaningless waste of time!

We should also consider the implications of a device that can shoot over 100 feet! In another video, starting at 5:43, it's revealed that when the key fob button is pushed (watch the swigly lines) there is a sudden spike in EMF's released. Those kinds of spikes are the worst kind for your body. Our world is filled with all these kinds of EMF producers, so getting rid of your key would be a drop in the bucket towards protecting you. Even if you were to quit, 99.99% of the public won't. This is why I surround myself 24-hours a day using Bliss Diskers and the Whirling Bliss Machine.


Kelley Eidem is the inventor of the Whirling Bliss Machine that help to neutralize EMFs while providing huge amounts of healthy frequencies and is author of The Doctor Who Cures Cancer.

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