Why do I love "HAIR BRAINED ideas?"

Why do I love "HAIR BRAINED ideas?" Because our hairs are ANTENNAS that are tuned into fractal** waves from the sun and to the Double Bliss Disker Bliss Particles in my hats. They combine with the waves to make your brain juicier.***

It's like having a cheat sheet for school tests.

Almost every day someone will tell me that I'm super intelligent. That's for you to decide, but the one smart thing I do is to include those disks in my hats and caps. (Just a few minutes ago, I shared an idea with a rancher who loves what I'm doing. They have 10,000 acres and provide beef at retail. This hair brained idea could generate many thousands of dollars in sales, and she could become a partner.) The brain and spine are literally like a Christmas tree that you can light up. (See below.)

If you'd like to get your own air brained ideas, go ahead and order yourself some. How many? The more I use, the brainer I get. In fact, pretty soon my IQ will be close to average!

**Fractal waves are akin to musical waves because they flow at different rates and heights. Music moves us and so do fractal waves. They move us? Yes. In fact, those waves got you out of bed this morning. Cell tower waves are the waves that have you pulling your blanket back over your head in an attempt to avoid them.

***Researchers at the University of California discovered that ions affect how well the fluid in our bodies move by exposing the cilia to negative and positive ions. The negative ions literally speed up your brain's cilia which increases the flow of your spinal fluid! Positively charged ions do the opposite. The cilia slow down and don't function as a unit - which is critically bad for brain health! This is why I wear a cap with Double Bliss Diskers inside. I feel "something" right away - maybe more alert and awake. If I were a student taking a test, I'd want to feel alert and awake. Does that make sense?

Gif image credit: NBC Christmas Tree Rockefeller Plaza 2019 https://giphy.com/gifs/nbc-christmas-in-rockefeller-2019-RIwknUj27rvRmWhRRs

Photo credit: LiveScience: https://www.livescience.com/61599-dissected-nervous-system-photo.html

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