Will 5G give you dry, cracked skin?

Updated: Apr 17, 2019

Is 5G a miracle or a menace?

What effects will 5G cell towers have on YOUR skin?

In a word - yes. 5G will - not maybe but WILL - make your skin dry out and crack. Dry, cracked skin takes away some of the allure of being able to download movies and games more quickly, doesn't it.

Personally, I've also never been all that excited about letting a machine built by strangers drive my car for me, either. It's MY car - I'll drive it, thank you very much! Frankly, you might not like how those strange people drive, nor would you want them making decisions about how you do it.

Come to think of it, would you let the guy in the lane next to you take over your car? Would you let the guy in the lane next to you drive your car? Take a good look at him or her. Well?

What makes us think some skinny-jeaned genius would be any better? Then why would we let some "wet behind the ears, purple haired, latte sipping" computer programmer take the wheel?

Oh wait - back to your skin!

So what is it about 5G cell towers and cell phones that guarantee dry, cracky skin? 5G blocks your potassium from traveling down a cell channel where it needs to go to help keep your skin lustrous!

Meanwhile, your potassium is still in your body causing havoc where it doesn't belong. Adding more potassium will make the problems ever worse, in fact. you could have problems like endless diarrhea. Yuck! Actually the diarrhea problem is likely to happen even without more potassium being added.

By the way, those 3G and 4G cell phones can do the same thing, only it takes a whole lot longer. If you're faced with skin problems or (gasp!) diarrhea from time to time already, your phone, cell towers, Smart 'Beaters' utility gauges, and microwave ovens can be leading contributors.

Kelley Eidem is the inventor of the Whirling Bliss Machine and author of "Nope, Pain...Only Gain: How To Become A Thrillionaire" available on Amazon.

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