The Double Disker is rated at 15,000 Bliss Particles per cc - the highest available anywhere.

Disks - 2.25 inches in diameter with an area of 10 cm per Disker.
At least 21 different uses including a lower electric bill!

  • Fresher food that lasts 3 times as long in the fridge reducing costs and improving convenience
  • More potent supplements - fewer needed resulting in lower costs and better health
  • Smart Phone to reduce ion contamination 99%+...also fewer dropped calls, shorter recharging times and 2-5 times longer duration of bars
  • Neutralize all manner of electronics contamination, including fridge, wifi, 'smart-sick' meters 
  • Protects against vehicle contamination that produces fatigue when traveling
  • Many workplace "sick zones" repaired
  • Return on investment can occur in the first several days. You profit thereafter.
  • Double Bliss Diskers do not wear out - will last 20 years and still be 100% as effective, for example!

35 Double Bliss Diskers

SKU: 9963035
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