The Baby Energizer is a powerful 4-inch version of the Heartfelt Energizer that is perfect for any home or office. The "Bsby" utilizes a combination of Georges Lakhovsky and Patrick Flanagan's designs to give you and instant energy boost along with transformative 24 -hour protection from the thick soup of PULSED EMFs all of us are awash in that are so distressing to our mood and health. 

Unlike tools that are based on magnets with their limited reach (often three feet or less) the Baby Heartfelt Energizer knows no bounds as it turns pulsed waves into gentle fractal waves. Fractal waves are the kind of waves we get from music or the sun. Pulsed waves hammer us like an alarm clock that can't be turned off. 

Don't let the small size fool you - it's strong! There is one running in front of me as this is being typed. Within just a few seconds I noticed a wonderful feeling of well being even though my mind wasn't focused on the Baby..

The waves go out at a very wide angle. I've noticed this while holding it beside my head. Once again the feeling was palpable and fast! 

We make no medical claims, so any benefits you notice would be added to the growing number of Hall of Fame Healing Coincidences. 


Competitive products can require that they be attached to cell phone and still cost several hundred dollars to use. But what do you do when your phone needs to be recharged? 

Although there seems to be no limit to how many you can use for added benefits, the waves pass through mountains walls and windows. IOW, your whole house. can be transformed. 

Baby Heartfelt Energizer

$97.00 Regular Price
$57.00Sale Price
Baby Heartfelt Energizer 4-inch
  • Simply plug in your Baby Heartfelt Energizer into a USB port or use the adapter to plug into the wall. Hit the on/off switch. 

    Position as you desire.

    Be sure the black rubber insulators are at each corner along the sides with the third one in the middle at the back. The Energizer can also be hung on a wall.

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