Fan not included. Some assembly required (takes 2 minutes.) The Heartfelt Energizer is designed to maximize the your exposure to Fractal* Waves and Bliss Particles (negative ions.) The Energizer produces a potential of approximately a Factorial of 1,000! different frequencies, i.e., 1000 x 999 x998 x 997... x 1.


Your order consists of the Energizer plate with ceramic and quartz crystal added. You will also receive an orgone pyramid that you would glue onto the outside center 'cup' of the fan.


The Energizer plate comes with a center hole already incuded so that you can add it to your fan. Lasko 16-inch oscilating fans are recommended. The price includes $14 for shipping and handling.


*Fractal waves are waves of different height and length which are the kind of waves produced by nature from the sun and the stars. This is in contrast the repetitive indentically shaped waves produced by such sources as cell towers, WiFi and meters. Pleasant music is comprised of fractal waves. Alarm clocks and incessant telephone ringing are examples of repetitive waves. 

Heartfelt Energizer mounted on a fan

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