This Machine combines breaktroughs from the some of greatest forward thinking geniuses of the last two centuries and multiplies the power of their inventions and discoveries:

  • Georges Lahkovsky, who worked with Nikola Tesla, invented the Multi Wave Oscillator. Copper bracelets, which are mildly effective compared to the super powerful MultiWave Oscillator, were inspired by Lakhovsky's invention.
  • Patrick Flanagan: child prodigy who was hired by the US government out of high school and created the Flanagan Vortex design
  • Drs. Krueger and Smith: started the negative ion generator industry. 


The Whirling Bliss Machine has a brass ring with approximately 750 end points. Each end point can combine with any other end point to create a different Bliss promoting frequency. How many? 750x749x748x747 etc, etc, etc.


The ceramic ring produces lots of Bliss Particles (negative ions) even when stationary. While whirling, the Machine can produce 100 or even 1,000 times more Bliss Particles. 

The combination of the brass and the special ceramic materials serves to increase the power even more, according to Lakhovsky's book The Secret of Life.

Whirling Bliss Machine

  • How to use your Whirling Bliss Machine

    • Hold your Machine in the middle between your thumb and middle finger. Whirl it!
    • Hold your Machine close to your body. At ¼ inch distance, it is 400 times stronger.
    • Position your Machine as if a tire were coming towards you.
    • Hold the Machine vertically when using around your face to protect your eyes and teeth. Do not expose bare teeth to your Machine.
    • Use your Machine as often as you would like. Even a 10-second session can be worthwhile.
    • Whirling your Machine over food and beverages can be a great way to improve the vitality of your food.


    • Adjust the middle buttons if one becomes loose. If the white ceramic comes off due to dropping it, use LocTite or Gorilla type super glues to refasten the ceramic carefully centering the ceramic ring.


    • Choking hazard: Keep away from children 6 years old and under.


    To increase your vitality even more, please visit and keep adding more Bliss Diskers to your life.

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