Can two seconds turn you into a published author?



This 2-second technique works with the way your brain is hardwired to turn your procrastination and dread into a great feeling of anticipation to finish the manuscript you've started (Plus if you haven't started yet, we'll permanently fix that faster than a butterfly.) 


I used quickie technique to write The Doctor Who Cures Cancer a 341-page book that has 5,000 or even 10,000 unique sentences (inventions) in it. Heck, I wrote three chapters in the beginning that were completely dumped without the least bit of remorse or disappointment!


After that false start, the first draft was done in 60 days using this technique because I was excited about the next day's writing instead of dreading it! Not one day was put off until tomorrow.


Most book writers have missed 60 days in a row, and probably more than once. Maybe you find it easy to write a blog or a comment, but the mere thought of returning to that manuscript? No way, Jose! 


And if you needed to trash three chapters, the trauma might kill any future efforts for life!


But wait...there's more! lol


For no additional charge you will also receive "How to Write a Book Your Readers LOVE to SHARE!"


My books continue to be ordered even decades after they were first published. That doesn't happen by chance. 

My feeling is I'm not going to devote six months to two years of my life writing a book only to have it disappear in two to six weeks. My first book is still being ordered 25 years later.


Do you want your book in a Dollar General remainder bin, or do you want to be getting paid for your book 30 years from now while sand is tickling your toes at the beach or you're photographing Bigfoot in autumn in colorful Colorado? ;-)


In "How to Write a Book Your Readers LOVE to SHARE!" you'll discover my secrets which I've never seen anyone else talk about.


When readers love your books, they become your advocates! A book can also help you become a paid speaker if you'd like or to start a business. Before I became a published author, people would rarely listen to what I had to say. That changed dramatically and keeps getting better.


Yet the only difference between me and you is two seconds. In two seconds you could be come a better writer than me and even more successful.


So go start and finish that book you've been longing to write! 


One Weird Trick to Obliterate Writer's Block and MORE!

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  • "Very impressed, it makes a lot of sense!"
    "This report is splendid and is worth every cent as advertised and more."


  • "Excellent Technique"
    "This is such a superb technique. I absolutely loved it. The first day I used it I wrote over 3000 words and the very next day I wrote some more. Prior to this I would hardly write for days or weeks."
    "I am thrilled with the results so far....I am finding this technique useful and producing more and better content..."


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